Secure Log in with CSign

Secure login with access to a world of identification methods

Offer your customers and members a safe way to sign in to your pages, without restrictions in the selection of digital identification method. The customer can be confident in being the only one who can log in to the account. And the supplier will know the identity of the person logged in. It makes it easier for the customer, and reduces the risk of losing a customer in an uncertain process.

It’s important to know that the right person logs in to services and accounts online. The security of a person's digital identity is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, many companies are offering products and services to customers and visitors in several countries, with different types of digital identification methods. Integrating services and websites to all types of digital identification methods can be both difficult and time consuming. In some countries, you even need to register a company locally in the country, to get access to their digital identification methods.

CSign offers the opportunity to access all desired identification methods through one integration. We are the hub of digital identification, which gives you access to the world of digital identification methods.

Advantages with Secure login through CSign:

  • The supplier will know the identity of the person logged in.
  • Easier login process, no need for passwords or usernames.
  • Reduced risk of losing customers because of lost password or username.

Peter Källström, Sales Manager

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